Schedule professional drain cleaning services in Galveston or Houston, TX

Do you find yourself standing in a pool of water when you're taking a shower? Does your toilet gurgle or backup when you try to flush? These are common signs that your drains are clogged or damaged.

Let Kona Plumbing restore the flow to your drains with professional drain cleaning services in Houston or Galveston, TX. We'll provide a drain inspection and locate the clog.

$99.00 Drain Cleaning Special!

Speak with us, a local drain cleaning company, today to schedule an appointment.

What's blocking your drain?

All kinds of debris can get into your drains, causing them to back up. But professional drain cleaning services from Kona Plumbing can get rid of:

  • Food or cooking grease that's been poured down your drain.
  • Small toys or objects that your children accidentally flushed.
  • Underground tree toots that have grown into your plumbing lines.
Rely on our certified drain cleaning company to stop sewage from backing up into your home; call today.