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If your water lines are PVC, CPVC, or galvanized, it might be time to consider replacing. Let Kona Plumbing come in and replace all of your water lines with updated PEX or copper piping. With whole-house repiping services, you won't have to worry about leaks or breaks for years to come.

Take advantage of our whole-home repiping special starting at $5800!

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What is PEX?

PEX is an acronym. It stands for Polyethylene (PE) that is cross-linked (X). It is more durable, flexible and often more affordable than other piping options. They are color coordinated and less likely to burst under the pressure of water.

Discover the benefits of repiping your home

As old galvanized pipes start to rust, they can spring leaks all over your home. Instead of spending the time and money to find and repair all of those leaks, consider whole-house repiping services from Kona Plumbing. We can replace all of your incoming and outgoing water lines a lot easier than what it takes to repair your system.

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